Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where We Stand

Oh my god,
oh my dear,
Why are you not standing here,

Come with me stand on this ground,
It is much safer,
Than become a cliff hanger,

No my dear,
No I would not,
I am not hanging without a knot,

Here is the way,
To get to the other town,
Because the ground your standing is about to go down,

Oh my dear,
Oh my god,
How do you know it is safer abroad

I am fine,
I am standing tall,
there is not even a ripple to make me fall,

yes my dear,
yes it is,
Thats what I hear from the streets,

Come with me,
Make a move,
Do not wait until everything is proofed,

Oh My God,
Oh my dear,
Are you affirm of what you hear,

I am suspicious,
I am doubt,
What are you really hearing about

Oh god please save you,
There is no time to argue,
Your ignorance have no room,
Lets save ourselves before doom

Oh dear get your facts straight,
What if you are wrong that i am afraid,
Do not rush to act a stupid,
as you will have a regret for it,

Where you stand is your choice,
I will go through this mountain,
I prefer the risk to explore,
Than dying in vain waiting

I will stay is my choice,
I prefer to wait by the fountain,
Where I stand is the core,
I risk death while protecting,

Oh dear please listen to me,
This not something you could fight,
The nature is not on our side,
Keep on living is our right

Oh my god will never leave me,
he will guide me with a light,
The nature will always bide,
As i can see through my sight

No it is not today,
Today is when you go astray,
If you ignore what i say,
You will regret even if you pray,

oh my dear your safety i pray,
i will never regret my stay,
In many days it is today,
I say my prayers in many ways

Oh my god,
Oh my dear,
May god bless you here,

Oh my god,
Oh my dear,
May god bless you forever

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